Cinque Terre, Italy

The villages of this favorite family town literally allow the visitors to trek from one village to the next along the Italian Riviera. The hikers can indulge themselves in fishing, paddling, and trekking through the vineyards and olive groves. You can also quench your appetite with the famous local cuisines like gelato, macaroni, and cappuccino. You can walk through the villages which are interconnected by footpaths or travel by rail, trail or boat for giving your family the complete experience. Trains will take you to the deep Gambatessa mine caves and boat takes you to the ancient Riomaggiore castle. Enjoy the evenings at the seaside and thus get a three-in-one experience of trekking, swimming and touring for the happiness of elders and the kids.

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The name 'Alaska' will flood your mind with white lands covered with tonnes of ice. Yes, that is true but the place has a lot more to offer. This is an expedition as good as a unique adventurous family tour. You can either opt for the popular cruise rides or settle at one of the floating base camps with your family. Brush your shoulders with the natives of the area- the sea lions, bears, humpback and minke whales. Ditch the cruise for a small boat ride right into the wild heart of the active glacier bays.

Tour operators plan various activities for their tourists so you need not go in search of any. The wild meadows, the majestic mountains, and the crystal waters will soothe your eyes. Even the kids can have a world of their own by relishing at the tide pools, kayaks, and underwater sounds or fish their own dinner at Homer. The Road trip is the change in Alaska and you have the Seward Highway along the Kenai Peninsula. So, get the feel of ice, land, and water in the Alaskan ride.

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Panama City, Panama

The city has a rich history of colonial tradition and culture. There are several Spanish architectural marvels in Panama such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Casco Viejo.

Enjoy the panoramic views at the Amador Causeway and get close to wildlife and nature at the Metropolitan National Park, Barro Colorado nature reserves and Gatun Lake.

You can know more about Panama's natural bounties by visiting the Museum of Biodiversity. If you are a beach lover, do not miss the eye-pleasing beaches of Isla Contadora. In addition to being a popular family destination, the city has room for adventure lovers as well.

You can trek into the rainforests of Soberania National Park and charge your spines by white-water rafting in the Chagres River.

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Tokyo city, Japan

Japanese cartoons and video games are a craze among the kids in the countries all around the world. Then how about taking them to the place of origin and get a more real experience of their favorite animated friends? Tokyo can be called the ideal kids' touring spot.

The top places to take your kids are anime museums and Hello Kitty cafes and send them on cloud nine with a lightning ride through Tokyo on the new bullet train. This is not a kids-only paradise; a lot of activities are awaiting you here such as the origami art, tai chi, and the bike ride through the Imperial Palace grounds.